Recipe: Tom Yum Kung Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Tom Yum Kung Soup


This is a typical Thai dish, one of the world's top ten famous soups. In the Thai language, "winter shade" refers to hot and sour, "gong" is shrimp; originally this soup is strong and spicy, and the home version can be modified to be softer, sour and spicy red soup, especially suitable for winter drinking. .



  1. The head of the shrimp is removed for use; the shrimp body is shelled to retain the last section of the tail, and the shrimp line is removed; the straw mushroom is washed and cut in half; the beautiful pepper is cut into the diced section; the southern ginger and the green lemon are cut into thick slices, and the citronella is cut. Inch section, lemon leaves are soft. . .

  2. Put the oil in the pan and stir-fry the red oil. Stir-fried ginger, lemongrass, pepper and straw mushroom. Add the appropriate amount of water, put the shrimp head and lemon slices, lemon leaves, and boil over low heat. In 20 minutes, add fish sauce and coconut milk to taste, put in the shrimp body, and put on the parsley. . .


Lemongrass and lemon leaves are commonly used spices in Southeast Asian cuisine, which can make Dongyin Gongtang have a unique flavor; the South Ginger, Green Lemon and Beauty Pepper in the soup are all seasoning. These ingredients can be used when drinking soup. Remove, only keep the shrimp and straw mushrooms, so don't cut too finely; the fish sauce is slightly salty, try the taste of the soup first, and then decide whether you need to add salt.

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