Recipe: Tom Yum Kung Fern Root Powder Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Tom Yum Kung Fern Root Powder Soup


Tom Yum Kung Fern root powder, slightly sour and super spicy appetizer! It is nutritious and not fat, and it is super suitable for eating in spring and summer!



  1. Open the fern root powder, cook it next to it

  2. Put the water in the pot, put all kinds of spices, and boil the aroma

  3. First put vegetables, spinach, mushrooms, etc., and see the soup begin to roll down the shrimp and squid.

  4. Under the coconut milk, the shrimp turns red, and the squid rolls are turned off. (Old is not good)

  5. Under the fern root powder, mix well with the rest of the soup.

  6. Can start! It’s delicious!

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