Recipe: Tofu squid

Home Cooking Recipe: Tofu squid


When I was still in the unit art group, every year during this time, before the Spring Festival, we will go to Nanning and Fangchenggang to perform condolence performances. When you take the Nanliu Expressway, you will definitely eat the fish at the Wangling gas station for lunch. I remember that when I went to the guests, they were always full and often had to wait for a long time. Although I have not gone for many years, I still have some impressions about the taste. Today I tried to make this tortoise and tofu, and it feels good. My family usually eats more steamed fish because it is simple and delicious. My dad prefers to use tomato tofu to scribble fish. I think it is beautiful, but the one I made is completely different. After reading some information about the squid, I realized that this fish is very suitable for the elderly and children to eat, and the meat is easy to digest. My family rarely buys squid, and in the future it will become a frequent visitor to my family's table. Both LG and I like garlic, so I put a lot of it. I can also call garlic to burn squid. Tofu is also more like to fry first. I don't care, I like it.



  1. Cut the squid and cut it into 2cm long sections. The tofu will be fried until it is double-sided.

  2. Put 2 tablespoons of oil in the hot pot, put it into the Pixian bean paste and stir fry the red oil, put the onion, ginger and garlic for a while.

  3. Transfer the soy sauce, cooking wine, salt, chicken powder, pour into the water and mix well. Finally, add the fish pieces and fried tofu. After the fire is boiled, add the lid and simmer for 10 minutes.


After the squid is slaughtered, it can be soaked in salt water to remove the smell of mud.

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