Recipe: Tofu soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Tofu soup


This, is this the "durian" in the fast soup? ? ? Lovers love to be full, people who don't eat can't get a mouth? ? ?



  1. 蛤蜊 Buy back and use fresh salt water for 2 hours or more, let it wash off after sanding

  2. Cut tofu, ginger peeled and shredded, parsley, minced

  3. Put a little base oil in the pan, stir-fry the ginger, pour in a bowl of broth or water, and boil the tofu.

  4. Kneeling, drop 2 drops of wine, cook until we open

  5. Transfer salt, pepper seasoning, sprinkle with cilantro


1. You must sip in the clear water and cook again. 2. After the tofu is put into the pot, you can cook it for a while and then squat. We have a saying that it is “a thousand boiled tofu and boiled fish” 3. Once you open your mouth, you will need to fish it out. If you cook it, it will not be delicious. I am standing on the side of the pot, and I open it a little. To tell the truth, this soup was cooked and was wiped out, I... I tasted a small mouth! Moreover, just that little bite, just to taste the salty before the soup is out of the pot... SO, I really don’t know what to say about this soup... In fact, like the spicy fried flower, spicy fried sea melon seeds, garlic fans steamed scallops and other small stalls on the common small seafood, I am super love. I don't know why, whether it's eating out or cooking, once they are presented in soup, I can't accept it. I really can't stand that smell. I feel that it is completely a grotesque smell, and I can't enter my mouth at all... But someone is very happy every time. When I cook this time, I cook about three bowls in the photo. I took a small bowl to take a picture, and waited for the photo to be taken back. Well, the rest, the people stood in the kitchen to drink. Then wait for the meal, and when the bowl is served on the table, it will be covered: Do you really drink it? Then I solved the whole problem of AIDS. Finally, while smearing with a big mouth, I said: really fresh! This is the fresh eyebrows! At the end of the sentence added: next time cook more, ah ~~~ me! ! !

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