Recipe: Tofu skin pork roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Tofu skin pork roll


This meat roll was originally intended to use egg skin rolls, but because of the time constraints, it was changed to tofu skin. However, although it saves trouble, the taste is never as soft as the egg! Also, the tofu skin has a little bean flavor. 8 over, the practice is really simple, with a rich tomato sauce, it is also delicious! Decorated with orange slices, it is not only beautiful, but also can eat clear orange slices.



  1. Chopped green onion ginger, put into a bowl, pour hot water, soaked in onion ginger water, you can put some pepper, more delicious

  2. Buy the pork stuffing and use the knife to make it

  3. Add salt, soy sauce, cooking wine, pepper, chicken and mix thoroughly, stir in a direction, such as onion ginger water

  4. Crush the horseshoe into fine

  5. Stir the horseshoe into the meat

  6. The tofu skin is flattened, the meat is placed on, and the spoon is placed on the back.

  7. Roll it up

  8. Steam on the pot for 20 minutes

  9. Take out the cool, slice and plate


1. Pork stuffing is ready-made, but you should continue to buy it after you buy it back. 2, adding onion ginger water is better than directly into the onion ginger. Stir in a direction, add a little bit, and slowly stir until the meat is sticky. 3, because the bean curd skin has a little bean flavor, maybe some people are not used to it, so the meat can taste slightly heavier than usual. 4, the sauce can be freely chosen.

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