Recipe: Tofu skin fried green bean sprouts

Home Cooking Recipe: Tofu skin fried green bean sprouts


In the vegetable market, I saw these two kinds of foodstuffs and bought them home and fried them together, huh, huh. When I was frying, I actually put the bean sprouts on the tofu skin first, and later realized that my order should be reversed. Fortunately, there is no big impact on this. Next time, if I buy it again, I will speculate on it, huh, huh. 130221~



  1. The green bean sprouts are washed several times to control the dry water; the tofu skin is washed and cut.

  2. Put the oil into the pot, pour the tofu skin and stir fry when the oil is hot, then add the red pepper to stir fry together. Add two tablespoons of soy sauce and two spoons of oil to continue frying.

  3. When the tofu skin begins to shrink, add the bean sprouts and stir fry until the bean sprouts are completely shrunk and soft.

  4. Add a little salt and chicken seasoning before cooking.


Because of the previous pumping and fuel consumption, the salt can be added a little less as appropriate.

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