Recipe: Tofu, seafood, hot and sour soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Tofu, seafood, hot and sour soup



  1. South tofu (that is, tender tofu) cut into small Ding, it is easy to break, need to treat her gently. Dry cumin mushroom hair 1-2, cut small silk. A few kinds of fungus, shred (I forgot, so did not add), baby dishes or cabbage washed and torn into large pieces. Shrimp to the yarn, you can use a little wine to simmer. If there are other vegetables in the house, it’s okay to throw it in.

  2. The pot is boiled, the mushrooms, the fungus, the shrimps are thrown away, the cabbage is thrown away, and the tofu is gently thrown down. Add salt and a small amount of chicken essence after boiling. Hook, remember to only mix in one direction when hooking

  3. It’s almost like a pot. Sprinkle with white pepper and add vinegar as you like. Finally sprinkle with beautiful chopped green onion

  4. Get it, the delicious appetizing cheap and nutritious tofu seafood hot and sour soup is ready, let's move

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