Recipe: Tofu's miso Tianle

Home Cooking Recipe: Tofu's miso Tianle



  1. The tofu is wrapped in a kitchen towel, and the chopping board is covered with a container filled with a water-filled lunch box. Pressing for about 20 minutes, pressing out the water in the tofu

  2. Use a heat-resistant container to mix the ingredients in the sauce and heat it in the microwave for about 50 seconds.

  3. The sauce is red miso, fine sugar, miso, prepared according to the above requirements

  4. Cut the tofu into even squares (the size you like, but not too small), cook in the oven for 5 minutes, then brush the sauce, then heat until the surface is colored. Sprinkle some fragrant black sesame seeds and put them in a bamboo basket to eat.


The first step to handle the tofu can also be turned in the microwave oven to turn the water out. If there is no red miso, I think it is good to use the sweet noodle sauce to eat roast duck. It tastes very similar. The amount of sauce should be increased or decreased proportionally according to the amount of tofu.

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