Recipe: Tofu pot sticker

Home Cooking Recipe: Tofu pot sticker


Originally wanted to be vegan, but considering that today is all vegetarian, Dad will not be happy, he added a little bit of minced meat, but he did not eat it, and asked me where the meat was put. I have also done Korean kimchi tofu pot stickers before, and it is also very delicious.



  1. Wash the northern tofu into a bean curd, add a little meat and mix well

  2. Add soy sauce and salt according to your taste. The meat stuffing is left before the bag is left, otherwise you have to add the onion and ginger to the wine.

  3. Take a suede, and then put a tofu filling in the middle, fold it on both sides and pack it into a non-sealing pot.

  4. Put the oil in the pot after the heat. If you don't know the oil temperature, you can try it with a chopstick. If the chopsticks are inserted into the surrounding air bubbles, you can put the pot down. Keep this temperature until it is golden on both sides.


The tofu pot paste made by this method can't be eaten by tofu, probably because of this tofu, I don't have a fork, and the stuffing is all hands-on. It tastes like meat.

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