Recipe: Tofu glutinous rice bran

Home Cooking Recipe: Tofu glutinous rice bran



  1. The inner fat tofu is boiled in boiling water, then some bean flavor is tasted, the water is drained, and then pressed into mud.

  2. Add glutinous rice flour and sugar, no need to add water, as long as you can form a group. The inner fat tofu itself contains water.

  3. Knead into a strip, the next agent, hand-kneaded into a small bowl, wrapped in the right amount of bean paste, the left thumb gently presses the filling, the right hand and the left hand cooperate with one side and turn each side to close, this method is more than the pressing cake It’s better to operate

  4. Take a large tray, brush the oil, put in the good glutinous rice balls, boil the water in the steamer, and put it in steam for 5-6 minutes.

  5. Finally, take a roll in the coconut.


Intimate little trick: 1. When adding glutinous rice flour, you don't need to add more water, you can add a simmer and you can form a group. 2. Brush the oil on the tray so that it is easy to remove. 3, steaming should not be too long, because it contains glutinous rice, time will collapse after a long time.

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