Recipe: Tofu flower (gypsum plate)

Home Cooking Recipe: Tofu flower (gypsum plate)


Tofu flower, also known as tofu brain, a famous traditional Han Chinese snack can be divided into sweet and salty. In general, southern China is dominated by sweets (sweet tofu), while northern China is dominated by salty food (salty tofu brain).



  1. Wash the soybeans for 4-8 hours.

  2. 500g soy bean is added into 4500 water with a blender (or stone mill) to make a slurry. After filtering, boil it. Continue to cook for about 5 minutes, then turn off the heat. Mix the starch with 50g cold water and pour it into the soy milk. Stir well, then use 150g. The left and right cold boiled water is mixed with gypsum powder into gypsum powder water and poured into a deep pot. The boiled soy milk is rushed into the deep pot of gypsum powder water, and the lid is covered, and it cannot be moved! Let's eat about 1 hour!


1. The steps of “rushing flowers” ​​are very important. Be sure to take a breath! 2, I use the insulated barrel, so there is no insulation barrel can cover the pot with a cotton blanket to keep the temperature, it is easier to succeed! 3, sugar can be added or not added 4, do more will find skills

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