Recipe: Tofu brain old tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Tofu brain old tofu


Shanxi: The key to the main tofu of tofu brain is "halogen"



  1. [Lactone tofu steaming process]

  2. The lactone tofu tears off the outer membrane on the lid and picks up the lactone tofu with a small spoon.

  3. Pick up the tofu in the prepared small bowl

  4. All are tofu scoop small bowl, covered with plastic wrap above

  5. Put water in the pot, support the steaming rack, and place the small bowl on the steaming rack.

  6. Cover the lid and steam for about 10 minutes.

  7. Open the lid and take out the small bowl

  8. In Shanxi, in a small bowl, white old tofu. It is very convenient to make with lactone tofu.

  9. Here is the old tofu, that is, the production of 'halogen' that people see in Shanxi.

  10. [Production of oily tofu]

  11. Old tofu is cut into thick and even tofu slices with a knife

  12. Heat the pan on the fire, pour the cooking oil, hold the pan handle with your hand, turn the wok to distribute the oil evenly on the bottom of the pan, and heat the oil.

  13. Put the sliced ​​tofu slices and turn to a small fire to fry the tofu

  14. Fry until one side is golden, turn over and fry the other side

  15. Until the two sides are golden, take out the fried tofu and let it cool.

  16. Let cool tofu cut into oil tofu with a knife

  17. [The process of making tofu brain]

  18. Put enough water in the pot and put it into the fire on the soybeans.

  19. Cook until the soybeans absorb the water and swell, put the cut oil tofu slices, continue to cook

  20. The vermicelli is broken into small pieces by hand

  21. Put a good noodle into the pot

  22. Stir in the pan with a spoon and continue to cook

  23. Kelp and daylily are washed with water and soaked in water until soft and bloated

  24. The broccoli is cut into small pieces and the kelp is cut into filaments.

  25. Daylily and kelp are also placed in the pot

  26. Cover the lid and continue to cook until the ingredients in the pot are cooked

  27. Waiting for the cooking time, you can fry the soup color (for the coherence of the illustration, the sugary frying is introduced below), the fried sugar color is immediately poured into the pot.

  28. Stir in the pan several times with a spoon to evenly distribute the sugar color

  29. According to the taste of each person, transfer the appropriate amount of salt.

  30. Sprinkle with the right amount of allspice (may be a little more appropriate, and decide the taste of the braised soup is all here)

  31. The raw flour is mixed with water and starch, and it is drenched in the pot.

  32. Stir the egg in the bowl, turn the fire down, and pour the egg into the pot.

  33. While the egg liquid falls into the pot, use the chopsticks to quickly disperse the egg liquid.

  34. Wash the parsley with water, cut into the end, and put in the pot.

  35. Pour a few drops of sesame oil and mix well.

  36. This kind of 'battered marinade' is made by Shanxi people. It is called 'tofu brain' and can be used to pour noodles.

  37. [sugar process of sugar color]

  38. Add 2 tablespoons of maltose to the pot

  39. Open a small fire, stir the maltose in one direction with chopsticks, cook on low heat

  40. As the temperature increases, the maltose begins to melt, producing a large number of bubbles.

  41. Continue to stir the maltose in one direction with chopsticks, while cooking on a small fire, you can see that the sugar color gradually turns into a burnt yellow, and there is smoke in the pot.

  42. At this point, add about half a bowl of warm water to the pot.

  43. As the water pours in, the syrup begins to melt slowly.


"The most common sense of peace in the life of the river, listening to the autumn voice recalls the hometown", everyone's heart has a strong feelings for hometown, hometown, have a nostalgia for hometown and hometown food. This kind of nostalgia is deeply rooted. No matter how much the taste of the sea, no matter how many delicious dishes you taste, the hometown and hometown cuisine will always be the most wonderful in your heart. For example, a bowl of ordinary tofu brain, different places are called different methods, eating different methods. Every place has its own characteristics to eat, but I prefer the way Shanxi people eat. "Tofu brain old tofu" This is the name of the Shanxi people. People use the habits of their own dialects, and they are sounded and slammed hard, like a kindly call to the mountain sister who runs through the mountains. A lively, jumping factor of youth. Shanxi's tofu brain old tofu is known for its "fat" in making and eating. It is made with sugar, and after it is boiled, it is added to the wet powder, and the fried oil fans are added. Seasoned with pepper. Its color is red and bright, and it is very thick. It is added into the bowl and then added with seaweed, kelp, golden needle, leeks, pepper, and sesame sesame oil. The fragrant incense is very incomparable. The cake is the favorite of Shanxi people. breakfast.

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