Recipe: Tofu balls

Home Cooking Recipe: Tofu balls



  1. Put the tofu into a large bowl and pour it into a mud with a spoon

  2. 4 peas, red peppers and shiitake mushrooms are cut into pieces

  3. Put several kinds of vegetables into the bean curd

  4. Add salt, pepper, sesame oil and mix well

  5. Take some tofu mud and make it into a spherical shape

  6. Wash the bitter gourd into small pieces, dig the mash and seeds

  7. 4 mushrooms are washed and ready for use

  8. Place the tofu balls on the bitter gourd section and the mushrooms, and steam on the steamer for 10 minutes.


1, the material in the tofu balls, other ingredients should not exceed the tofu, otherwise it is not easy to form a group 2, when the group of tofu balls, put the tofu into the hands, gently smash into a group 3, do a good job of the meatballs, because the meatballs are easier to diverge

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