Recipe: Tofu and tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Tofu and tofu


Today is still a simple and quick hand cold dish, refreshing and not greasy, fresh and appetizing. When I was a child, I often heard my father say that eating home-cooked meals is the most comfortable. I didn't understand it at the time. It was just listening to my ears and not going to my heart. I remembered it recently and found out that it was really the case. A bowl of clear porridge, a few dishes and small dishes, is the taste of home. The main ingredients of this dish are Artemisia argyi and tofu, which are very refreshing ingredients. The aroma of sesame sauce can make simple cold dishes taste good. In addition, I also like to add a small amount of scallions in the cold dish, which is slightly spicy and fresh, and can make the rich sesame sauce more refreshing.



  1. Burn a large pot of boiling water, add some oil and salt to the water, and simmer the water for half a minute.

  2. Remove it and cool it with cold water, squeeze the sage from the water, chop it up for use.

  3. Tofu is placed in a large bowl and crushed by hand.

  4. In a separate bowl, add soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, white pepper, sugar and sesame sauce and stir into a smooth sauce.

  5. Pour in the sesame oil, put the garlic into a garlic and put it in, mix well and serve the sauce.

  6. Pour the sauce into the tofu and the wormwood and mix well.

  7. Finally, add the scallions and mix well.


1. Use brine tofu or gypsum tofu with low water content. Do not use lactone tofu. 2. Add a little vinegar to the sauce to make the sesame sauce refreshing, but don't add too much.

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