Recipe: Today's lunch

Home Cooking Recipe: Today's lunch


Did anyone have the same experience, decided to cook in the night after making a lunch, and always vaguely worried that they could not get up, and got up one hour earlier (hands-on)



  1. Wash the broccoli and carrots and cut them into the sealed box the night before. By the way, there are also garlic chops (garlic is an essential ingredient for me to cook, I love it too much!)

  2. After the dragon fish is washed, dry the water and marinate with a little salt and black pepper on both sides; cut the chicken breast into small pieces and add in soy sauce, raw flour and sesame oil. Pickled for one night

  3. get up! Add a pinch of salt and chicken to the boiled water, and simmer the broccoli and carrots.

  4. After the pan is hot, fry an egg. After the frying, the pan is already hot. Add the oil and fry the dragon fish (carefully break the fish noodles) and fry until the fish turns golden white.

  5. Spicy garlic, add chicken breast stir fry, add some water and soy sauce. When you pack the box, you can pour the chicken breast juice in the broccoli!

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