Recipe: Toast with squid truffle sour cream

Home Cooking Recipe: Toast with squid truffle sour cream


I was bitten by a certain S before I remembered the delicious food:) I’m free to pick up some of them. One day, my friends gathered for dinner. Some S Jun suddenly talked about a kind of food that he called him, and he called it "Doufufu". , Doug Reeve? Emma... What? This can tease the appetite and curiosity of the audience. No one knows what Bean River is. Listening to S’s tone should be an English translation, but RICH has never heard of it, but he can’t jump to his head. Describe the taste of the beans of the half-day Bean, everyone is still right, but more and more want to know this magic bean ref! Finally...S inspiration broke out, and the table shouted "Truffles! Truffles, you don't know??!"------Ting!!! Truffle's English truffle-"踹No", because S is in English in Japan Learning, your country will not send the "踹" sound... Do not believe you let them read it...



  1. Toast slices slightly roasted with a bread machine

  2. When baking bread, the garlic cloves are minced.

  3. Put a little olive oil in the pot, add the minced garlic, truffle sauce, and squid. Saute incense. Sprinkle a little white pepper and taste the taste. You should not use salt.

  4. Baked toast with sour cream, add the fried sauce, sprinkle with parsley:)


The amount of each sauce can be made according to your own feelings:) The amount of garlic is very small. I used only half a garlic clove for two toasts. The oil should be less. In fact, this sauce, the usage stick is more suitable, I only have the toast.

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