Recipe: Toast cheese omelet is a happy family

Home Cooking Recipe: Toast cheese omelet is a happy family


"South to come or go north, willing to go to the kitchen for one person." Finally, one day, this person was fed a conscience and was going to cook for you. The taste of love is always a hundred percent.



  1. The oil in the pot is hot, put the toast, and fry one side. Note that the oil is not too hot or it is easy to burn off like me. . .

  2. Toast is fried on one side and picked up and placed aside. Eggs are thrown into the remaining oil.

  3. Cover the cheese on the egg and cover the uncooked side of the toast on the cheese egg.

  4. Slightly fry and turn off. A happy family, turned over on the plate.

  5. According to personal preference, put the ingredients in the fruit bowl.


The key is that the fire should be normal so that the pot can be heated and evenly heated to be easily controlled. . . It takes a long time to carefully zoom.

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