Recipe: (toast bread) water absorption rate of different brands of flour

Home Cooking Recipe: (toast bread) water absorption rate of different brands of flour


A key factor in making bread is the water absorption rate of high-gluten flour. Many recipes can't be done, too thin, too sticky, and it is impossible to form a film. I experimented with the water absorption rate of different flours with 67% of the soup, 80% of the soup and 75% of the medium. I mainly use the chef machine and noodles, supplemented by hand. 250g to make a three can of toast. The results are as follows:



  1. The first recipe is the elegantly baked Hokkaido Toast ( Elegant baking has a video on Youku, and there is an ID in the kitchen, but it seems that this recipe has not moved to the kitchen. This recipe is a soup, 67% liquid. The conclusion is that the above four kinds of flour can be successfully completed.

  2. The second recipe is the 种 511 soup method Hokkaido milk small toast ( This recipe is a soup, 80% liquid. Hot powder can increase the water absorption rate of the flour, and the ordinary two-step method does not have such a large amount of liquid. After the seven sisters add liquid, they can hold the group. The basin is very clean, and it can also be a glove film, but it is very soft. After the chef stops, it can hardly be hooked. The final success does not affect the taste. Kite needs to reduce the liquid before it can be done. Otherwise, the flour can't hold the group, and it will paste a part at the bottom of the basin. Xinliang and Jinxiang can be successfully completed.

  3. The third formula is 100% of Hokkaido's toast ( This is a medium species with a liquid content of 75%. The first fermentation of the middle method will increase the amount of water in the dough. The actual amount of water in this formula may exceed 80%. Taking into account the previous results, the seven sisters did not try this round. The kite reduces the liquid. After the first fermentation, the dough becomes very thin and cannot be agglomerated. Can not be gluten, had to add flour, but the chef machine and face nearly 1 hour, the dough did not change significantly, after changing hands, no significant changes. Persevere in doing it, failing, or not getting out of the ribs. Xinliang and Jinxiang were successfully completed, and there was no significant difference in taste.


Conclusion 1 In terms of water absorption, the golden image is slightly larger than the new one, larger than the kite, larger than the seven sisters. If you want to ensure success rate, Jinxiang and Xinliang are good choices. 2 In terms of the speed of gluten or filming, the seven sisters are the fastest, the golden statue and the new good home, the kite is the slowest. If the students of the handcuffs can consider using the seven sisters to do 67% of the formula, after all, the wife is too easy to get rid of the muscles, it is really a minute to get out of the glove film, and the taste is good (see point 3). 3 I personally prefer soft, empty taste, do not like the wet and partial taste, the first Fangzi seven sisters taste good, the second recipe is new good - it seems that the water content is close to the flour water absorption limit, The taste is the best. The liquid is higher and not easy to succeed. If the liquid is low, it will lose some of the taste. 4 I really like the first elegantly baked soup recipe. Compared with the medium time and good control of the amount of liquid, because of the reason of the hot powder, the water absorption is increased, and the taste is also very good. It is highly recommended!

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