Recipe: Toast baked egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Toast baked egg


The camera technology is limited~ the taste is exactly the same! I will work hard to learn to take pictures!



  1. A toast (commonly known as sliced ​​bread) bought outside or made by yourself, with a knife to hollow out the middle into a square.

  2. One non-stick pan. Pour a little bit of oil into the center of the hot pot, turn off the small fire, don't move the pot! ! ! Put the toast frame in the pot, the oil is in the middle

  3. Pour the egg into the toast frame and gently stir the egg yolk with a shovel so that the egg liquid is evenly covered in the frame.

  4. Sprinkle a small amount of salt (just throw it away), put in the cheese piece, then cover the toast square just cut, press gently, try to let the toast box into the frame (in fact, it is the reduction action) )

  5. Turn over and lightly press the toast. Bake the back. Gorgeously finished! With a cup of coffee or freshly squeezed juice, the perfect breakfast!


1. Use a small fire throughout the entire process to prevent the toast from zooming. 2. There must be less oil, enough to lick an egg, because we are not making omelettes, but baking eggs. Therefore, it is best to use a non-stick pan because there is less oil so that the eggs will not stick to the pan. (I tried using a wok, think about how terrible it is) 3. Pay attention to the body with low-fat cheese, the taste will not be bad, and healthy ~

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