Recipe: Tiramisu with finger cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Tiramisu with finger cake


Some people are born to be the protagonists, and correspondingly, others naturally become supporting roles. It is to become, not to be guilty. Regardless of the primary and secondary, it is an integral part of the plump whole. For example, the finger biscuits of Tiramisu, for example, the lettuce shoots in the dry pot bullfrog. In fact, it is the art of the door that can make a good performance without any mistakes.



  1. Egg yolk plus 20g fine sugar to thicken

  2. 30g of fine sugar is added to the protein one by one, and it is dried to dry foam.

  3. Mix the egg yolk paste and protein paste evenly with a rubber knife

  4. Sift in low-gluten flour, turn over to flour-free granules, avoid gluten

  5. The flower bag is filled with a round mouth, and the biscuit paste is squeezed onto the baking tray, leaving a gap between the biscuits.

  6. a thin layer of powdered sugar on the surface of the biscuit paste

  7. Preheat oven, 190 degrees Celsius, middle and upper fire, 10min

  8. Cooled at room temperature, sealed for short-term preservation


The finger biscuits used in tiramisu have no butter, high protein content and strong product toughness compared with egg biscuits which are snacks everyday. The experiment proved that it is obviously not suitable for regaining moisture after sprinkling with powdered sugar. Spread in Tiramisu, picking up the taste of coffee and cheese paste, who is this role?

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