Recipe: Tiramisu (8-inch Hurricane Edition)

Home Cooking Recipe: Tiramisu (8-inch Hurricane Edition)


Combine the recipes of Junzhi and jojowin and make some minor changes. A small cake with a very high success rate and quite popular people~ Please note that the water in the hurricane in the formula has been reduced~ Stirring is more difficult~ The problem of easy floating of the cake is adjusted in the steps~



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: 4 egg whites were placed in an anhydrous, oil-free pot and 50 grams of sugar was added 3 times. It’s good to hit the small pointed corner that holds the eggbeater.

    4 egg whites were placed in an anhydrous, oil-free pot and 50 grams of sugar was added 3 times. It’s good to hit the small pointed corner that holds the eggbeater.

  2. Add 4 grams of egg yolk to 15 grams of fine sugar and mix well. Add milk, vegetable oil, and mix well. Mix the three powders and add them. Stir with egg to complete mixing, no dry powder, do not over-mix.

  3. Take one-third of the good protein to the egg yolk batter, mix well, remember not to stir in a circle, mix it up and down, mix well, pour in the remaining protein, and then mix evenly. Be sure to mix thoroughly.

  4. The evenly mixed egg paste is poured into an 8-inch mold at a time, and the force is shaken twice, the lower layer of the oven, up and down, 150 degrees, 25-30 minutes. After the furnace is released, it will shake twice quickly, and the buckle will cool down and release the mold. Cut into two even pieces of cake. If you have a curvature at the top, remember to cut it flat. Then our cake bottom is ready~

  5. Mousse part: First send the egg yolk to a lighter color and whiten. Take a small pot and add 75 grams of water and 75 grams of fine sugar. After boiling the melted sugar, slowly pour it into the egg yolk. When you pour it down, use the egg beater to quickly stir it. Be sure to pour slowly and quickly. Don't get rid of the egg flower, O(∩_∩)O Finally we will get a big bowl of sweet egg yolk bubble

  6. The gelatin is soaked in cold water, drained, and the warm water melts. After the cheese is smooth, add the melted gelatin, continue to stir a few times, and mix until smooth. Take another bowl and send the whipped cream to the grainy road, then add it to the cheese bowl and mix evenly.

  7. Mix the egg yolk bubble with the cheese and mix well. Add rum and mix well. Then our mousse part will be done well~

  8. Take an 8-inch detachable mold, first put a piece of cake bottom, brush the coffee on the bottom of the cake, pour half of the mousse, gently shake it, then put a second piece of cake bottom for the coffee wine. Then put it in the refrigerator for 5 minutes, then pour the remaining mousse, gently shake it, cover with plastic wrap, and put it in the refrigerator for overnight.

  9. When you release the mold, apply a hot towel or a blower to blow off the mold. A uniform layer of cocoa powder on the surface can be eaten. I am the powder before the mold release. Therefore, when the mold is released, some powder is also pulled on the side, which affects the appearance.

  10. There are two egg whites left, you can make double skin milk~


Recently, people often leave a message saying that the mousse is too thin, probably because of the recent heat. My solution is that the first layer of mousse is frozen in the advanced refrigerator for 5 minutes, initially solidified, and then the second layer ~ has been changed in the steps of the pull - I started to use the ordinary cheese cheese, but then I used After Mascarpone, I felt strongly! ! ! ! Tiramisu must use Mascarpone! ! ! That's right! ! ! have to! ! ! The taste and the mellow taste are really not comparable to ordinary cheese and cheese. The ordinary cheese cheese I usually use is kiri and kraft. Um~ Then~ I wish you success~

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