Recipe: Tips about glutinous rice flour

Home Cooking Recipe: Tips about glutinous rice flour


When I was with glutinous rice flour, I really burned me. Because you need to use hot water. It is really hot hot water. And also sticky. This method was told by my grandmother. It can be used with porridge at room temperature. No need to filter the rice is very clean. Most of the rice grains can be removed. It’s not sticky, and it can be a group.



  1. Prepare glutinous rice flour

  2. Prepare a porridge for one night. Filter out most of the rice kernels.

  3. Add porridge to the glutinous rice flour and increase the amount of porridge according to the amount of powder.


Choose a recipe for any glutinous rice flour, weigh the amount of powder in the recipe, and slowly add porridge to it. The point to note is to check the condition of the dough in a small piece. Don't overdo it.

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