Recipe: Tinfoil grilled ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Tinfoil grilled ribs


Today, this tin foil roast pork rib is a kind of ingeniously made to avoid the infestation of soot. Tighten the marinated pork ribs and sauce tightly with tin foil. Never let the fragrance leak out. When you eat it, open the tin foil fragrance and release it instantly. The ribs in front of you are not mouth-watering.



  1. The ribs are cleaned to the same length and cleaned

  2. Use hot water in a boiling water pot, wash and dry, put in a container, chopped ginger, garlic, add salt, soy sauce, sugar, pork sauce, oil consumption, black pepper and honey, stir evenly, cover After shaking the plastic wrap, shake it repeatedly, so that each rib is wrapped in sauce and put in the refrigerator for 4 hours (more preferably 1 night)

  3. Cut the tin foil into a suitable size, take out the marinated ribs, wrap a piece of ribs in a piece of tin foil, and then add a little sauce to the ribs, then wrap it up, put the mouth on the top and do not let the broth flow out.

  4. Place the wrapped pork ribs on the baking sheet and put them in the middle of the oven. Bake for 20 minutes at 230 degrees.


1. Roast chicken legs with this method. Chicken wings are also very delicious. 2, when tinned with tin foil, the tin foil can be slightly cut a little, the shape does not matter, tightly wrapped, do not leak juice. 3, no pork sauce can not put it, but the taste is slightly insufficient. 4, the temperature of each oven is different, please adjust the baking temperature.

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