Recipe: Tin foil wing root

Home Cooking Recipe: Tin foil wing root



  1. Eight chicken wings, washed, pour the cured meat, stir well, put in the refrigerator for three hours. You can take it out several times during the period and continue to stir it for better taste.

  2. Take a piece of tin foil and place the wing root on it.

  3. Wrap the wings, the edges must be folded, to prevent the juice from running out when baking

  4. Open the rice cooker to the 7th gear for preheating, then put the tin foil bag directly on the stove. The furnace core is heated within 3 seconds, and the speed is very fast.

  5. You can turn the tin foil package over and heat it. When you turn it over, it is best to wear insulated gloves. Don't look at the surface of the stove. The surface is very hot.

  6. Heating in the fifth gear for 15 minutes, during the period of turning twice, I heard the delusion, it is estimated that the oil came out, and opened the tin foil, brush the oil on the surface of the wing root, open it and continue to fry, hey, the finished product is still tempting.

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