Recipe: Time-saving oil-free cognac

Home Cooking Recipe: Time-saving oil-free cognac


I used to stir this dish and I often encountered this problem. It was pasted outside, and it was still inside. It was 20 minutes before the oil pan. Today, this method is particularly time-saving, and it is easy to fry the tiger skin, do not need to worry about the beans



  1. Wash the green beans at both ends, and tear off the old ribs.

  2. Put it in the dish, the microwave oven is high for four or five minutes, take it out and stir it.

  3. Cook the oil in the pot, stir the pepper and dried chili peppers, shovel out the pepper~ to prevent eating small mines

  4. Put in the green beans and stir fry, stir the tiger skin and add salt and sugar to taste.

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