Recipe: Tiger skin, quail egg, egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Tiger skin, quail egg, egg


I like to eat eggs, but the pressure is relatively large. It’s so cute and fun to change into a bird’s egg, especially for frying or making a marinated egg, which is even more fascinating.



  1. Burn a pot of water, put the eggs after the water is opened

  2. Cover the lid for about five minutes, the eggs are cooked and fished out, and the cold water is too cold.

  3. Drain after draining

  4. Put a little more oil in the pot, pour the eggs into the eggs after the oil is opened.

  5. The fire shovel the bird's egg to make it evenly heated, and the skin is wrinkled by the tiger skin.

  6. Add onion ginger, fry to micro-focus

  7. Add pepper, soy sauce, salt, sugar, oyster sauce

  8. Out of the pot, sprinkle


It seems that the spleen and stomach are not good enough to eat more eggs. In addition, it is hard to write two words...

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