Recipe: Tiger skin green pepper (pocket pepper)

Home Cooking Recipe: Tiger skin green pepper (pocket pepper)


Although this is just a home cooking, it is my favorite. Every time this season, my family's dinner table will be indispensable. My approach is somewhat different from others. There is a magic weapon that makes this ordinary home-cooked dish delicious. If you don't believe it, you can try it.



  1. Wash the green peppers to the stalks and seeds, and squash the green peppers with a knife.

  2. The garlic is chopped into pieces for later use.

  3. Add salt, sugar, soy sauce, vinasse and a little water (2 tablespoons) to a sauce in a bowl.

  4. The oil in the pot is burned to 70% heat. Put the green pepper in a pan, open the medium heat, press the green pepper with a spatula, slowly fry the skin of the green pepper into a tiger skin, and then fry the other side. (Be patient)

  5. Put the fried green pepper aside and add the bean drum and minced garlic to the scent.

  6. Pour all the seasoning into the pot, stir-fry the fire, and let all the green peppers have the sauce. Be careful not to paste the pot. After 2 minutes of stir-fry, you can start the pot, and some soups taste better. (haha, rice comes 2 bowls)


First, the green pepper is better for the lighter colored pepper. Second, it is easier for the skin to be evenly heated after the green pepper is crushed. Third, when the green pepper is fried, the fire should not be too big. Fourth, the green pepper can be put into the seasoning when it is ripe. This will not be too familiar and tasteless. Fifth, put two fried poached eggs into a poached egg with a poached pepper. Haha! (^0^)

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