Recipe: Tiger skin green pepper mixed egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Tiger skin green pepper mixed egg


Tiger skin green pepper and preserved egg together, it is simply a rice killer~



  1. The pot is hot and the green pepper is flattened. After the green pepper skin becomes soft and the tiger skin is streaked, flip the other side. After the surface of the green pepper is branded, it will be spared.

  2. The preserved eggs are peeled and washed, cut and placed.

  3. Wash the shallots and chop them.

  4. The garlic was smashed with a knife and smashed into garlic. Put in a small bowl, add cold water, MSG. Turn into garlic water.

  5. After the green pepper was allowed to cool, it was torn into strips by hand. Put it in the middle of the preserved egg in the dish.

  6. Pour the red oil pepper, garlic water, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper noodles, chopped green onion, sesame oil in the preserved egg dish~

  7. After mixing well, you can eat it~

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