Recipe: Tiger skin chicken feet

Home Cooking Recipe: Tiger skin chicken feet



  1. Chicken claws are washed, mixed with wine, a little salt and vinegar

  2. Honey warm water and mix thoroughly

  3. Evenly wrap the chicken feet over the water with a layer of honey water

  4. Heat the oil pan. Put the chicken feet wrapped in honey water into the pot. Cover the lid and fry until the chicken feet are yellow.

  5. Will be soy, soy sauce, oyster sauce, chicken, salt, a little sugar. Tune into juice.

  6. Keep the base oil in the pot, stir the ginger and garlic to the scent. Add the water and pour the prepared juice, then add the fried chicken feet.

  7. Boil the fire and collect the juice.


The process of adding vinegar in the process of drowning is mainly to not burn the skin when cooking. The time of drowning is slightly longer. Probably until the chicken feet are ripe. The oil temperature of fried chicken feet can be 70% hot. When you fry, you should put more oil on it, so that you can't have chicken feet. The amount of water in the last step is to cover the chicken feet.

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