Recipe: Tiger green pepper

Home Cooking Recipe: Tiger green pepper


Tiger skin green pepper, the surface of the green pepper is slightly scorched, the mottled focus is like the tiger's pattern, so it has the reputation of tiger skin green pepper.



  1. Wash the green peppers, cut off the pedicles, dig the seeds with a knife, peel the garlic and peel it, cut into pieces.

  2. Put the soy sauce, sugar, balsamic vinegar and salt into a bowl and mix them evenly into a seasoning sauce.

  3. Pour the oil into the pan. After the medium heat is heated to 40% heat, put the green pepper into the pan and gently press the green pepper with a spatula. From time to time, turn the green pepper over, so that it is evenly heated. The skin on both sides of the green pepper is thrown out. wrinkle

  4. Put the green pepper on the side of the pot and add the minced garlic.

  5. Pour the seasoning juice of step (2), stir fry and sauté. When the soup is thick, it can be put into the dish.


1. If you are not afraid of spicy, you can not remove the seeds of green pepper. If you eat spicy food, you can't go to the core at ordinary times. The sweet and sour taste is very flavorful.

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