Recipe: Tiger green pepper

Home Cooking Recipe: Tiger green pepper


Home often tiger skin green pepper, the absolute Chuanli family tiger skin green pepper practice hahaha! No oil, no oil, no oil, no oil, no oil! ! Dry fried dry fried dry fried fried fried! !



  1. Wash the green peppers and dig the core, and see if the seeds like to stay or not stay.

  2. Heat the pot into a green pepper and fry it, turn to medium heat, squash the green peppers tightly on the bottom of the pot with a shovel, turn over from time to time.

  3. Fry until the green pepper becomes soft and the surface is thick and the tiger pattern can be fished out, the salt, sugar, topped with soy sauce and vinegar, mix well and eat.


1. The softness of the green pepper and the degree of the tiger skin come according to personal preference~ I like to soften a little more tiger skin and fry it for a while. If you are afraid of over-focusing, you can slowly fry it with a small fire. If you like a little bit of tiger grain, you can fish it out. 2. Tiger skin green pepper as a rice killer, here is the form of post-feeding cold mix, so it is expected to drop some drops ~ <( ̄) ̄)>~ If you are not sure, try to put it! The best recipe for novice cooking is: taste! Respect! 3. A little bit of sugar, its role is to taste and taste! ! Although there are few but must have! ! The same vinegar! !

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