Recipe: Tiger green pepper

Home Cooking Recipe: Tiger green pepper


A very simple dish, I certainly won't make it like this (*^__^*). When he was old and fair, he wanted to learn to cook. He gave him such an opportunity today - the above is the result of his labor. His debut, I am still satisfied, because in our family encourages appreciation education, hehe! ! ! I went to a restaurant recommended by Sichuan Food Recommendation Network to order a tiger skin green pepper, which is very delicious. Later I did it at home, but it was simple anyway.



  1. The green peppers are not stalked and cleaned; the garlic is cut into the mud; the green pepper is first poured into the pot and stir-fried;

  2. Stir fry until the surface begins to crack, stir-fry;

  3. After shoveling, put a little oil in the pot, and pour the green pepper again when 50% is hot;

  4. Put vinegar, cooking wine, salt, sugar;

  5. The water can be dried up;

  6. Add the MSG and garlic, stir fry and evenly.


When the green pepper is fried, pay attention to the heat and time. The time is too short. The green pepper will have a spicy taste. The time is too long. The green pepper is easy to rot in the cooking.

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