Recipe: Tiger egg roast

Home Cooking Recipe: Tiger egg roast


Braised pork is a very popular dish. It is a standard bowl of rice and lotus leaf. Every bowl of braised pork is different. Every taste will naturally be different. But this love is exactly the same as braised pork. It took time for those housewives to go home from work and put on an apron. After the busy work in the kitchen, the steaming food served on the table. When she looked at the family and ate the delicious food they made, the kind of heartfelt satisfaction. The comfort is as if I have won any big prizes. The human taste is Qing Huan. She is willing to wash her hands and make soup. The love that is strong in the family is melted into every meal, so that the woman who is raised in the house is so beautiful. Is a happy home



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Pork belly 700 grams of water, clean and cut into pieces of cold water pot boiled out, wash off the foam with hot water.

    Pork belly 700 grams of water, clean and cut into pieces of cold water pot boiled out, wash off the foam with hot water.

  2. Add a little rapeseed oil after the wok is hot, add the rock sugar and stir to melt slightly.

  3. Stir fry the meat.

  4. When the meat is slightly oily, it is discharged. Two spoons of cooking wine, two spoons of flower carving, two spoons of sowing, two spoons of soy sauce, one spoonful of vinegar, continue to stir evenly.

  5. After the color is satisfied, it is necessary to add water. The water has not been over the meat. After the fire is boiled, turn to a small fire. Cover the lid and go. This process takes at least an hour.

  6. You can prepare the tiger eggs now. Trick or treat the cold water in a small pot without a lid. Use a cold water ice to peel off the eggshell.

  7. Get a pot, add oil and heat, pour into the egg and fry until golden.

  8. At this time, the time of braised pork is almost the same, open the lid, add the tiger egg to the fire and stir fry the juice, the juice slowly becomes less, and the color of the meat slowly becomes darker and brighter.

  9. When the juice is almost the same, you can put it on the pan. The juice should not be too dry. In the end, pay attention to the heat and prevent the stick.

  10. The juice is almost collected, and the fire is put on the plate. Sprinkle with chopped green onion and you can eat it. I am the amount of two plates, the endless storage box is frozen, and it is enough to steam on the pan when eating.

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