Recipe: Tidal line

Home Cooking Recipe: Tidal line


The Chaoshan salted noodle line, also known as Chaoshan noodles, is a kind of dry noodles made in the area between Weinan and East Guangdong. It is also one of the famous Chaoshan specialties. Use the wheat noodles and add some salt to form the dough, knead it into a line, dry it, and steam the finished product. There are many kinds of cooking methods for salted noodles. The main cooking method is fried noodles, which is more fragrant. Since the noodle line itself has a salty taste, it can be fried, and it is the best with the bean sprouts. Because the family is a tidal person, I love to eat this line. Every time I have relatives returning to my hometown, I will let them bring some back (*^__^*)



  1. Wash the shallots in advance, cut into green onions, spare

  2. Add water to the pot, pour the noodle into the pot after boiling, and the water can be boiled again to pick up (soften the noodle line, can remove too much salty taste, so put the water as much as possible)

  3. Remove the noodle line and pass the cold water, drain the water.

  4. Pour the right amount of oil into the pot and beat an egg (I eat it one by one, so one is enough), break up the saute, stir it and put it in a bowl.

  5. Add the right amount of oil in the pan and put the ginger slices (because the ginger slices are left yesterday, so put them together and add them.) You can put them in the noodles of the drained water and fry them. Then throw it into the onion section, fry until the onion section is slightly discolored and add the egg, soy sauce (a little bit can be, adjust the taste)


1. In fact, just like the fried noodles in peacetime, I personally think that the shallots are more fragrant than the leeks, so I chose to put the shallots. 2. Sprinkle a little sugar on the upper thread before starting the pot, so that you can eat the salty aroma of the noodle.

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