Recipe: Tidal grass

Home Cooking Recipe: Tidal grass


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  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Tidal grass

    Tidal grass

  2. Home Cooking Recipe: good to eat

    good to eat

  3. Home Cooking Recipe: Chaoshan burning fairy grass

    Chaoshan burning fairy grass


In the summer, I heard the sound of the iron spoon hitting the porcelain bowl, and the head was not twisted, so I knew that there was a grasshopper! Grasshopper, simple to make, use a kind of grass called alfalfa grass and the amount of soda ash and water sputum, filter impurities and transfer it to the wetland melon powder water, and then solidify after natural cooling, with heat-clearing and detoxifying effect. When you eat, a layer of grass and a layer of powdered sugar to fill the bowl, without a spoon, swallowed directly, the taste is the most wonderful. Grasshopper, also known as Xiancao Honey, is a Han Chinese snack in the Chaoshan area of ​​Guangdong Province. It has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxifying and repelling intestinal fire. For the production of grasshoppers, a plant called 粿草草(仙仙草) is used. The grass 粿草(仙人草) is a specialty of the Meixian area. After the summer, there are hawkers selling grasshoppers, or pushing a small car, or holding a small stall, alongside the roads and alleys in the Chaoshan area. I kept banging and banging to attract business, and the voice was very clear. Grasshopper has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying and repelling the intestines, and the price is low. Therefore, this snack is very popular. When people go through the stalls selling grass, they like to stop and stand by the road to eat a bowl. Black slick and smooth and sweet grass. The practice of the grasshopper is to put 7500 grams of water in the pot, then put down 500 grams of whole grass grass (Xianren grass), 10 grams of edible soda ash, and after the fire is boiled, use a small fire to simmer into grass. Rotten pulp, at this time use a spoon to filter the grass branches of the grass in the pot (Citrus grass), filter and then put on the stove to boil, and then remove the floating foam impurities on the surface, then use the snow powder Adjust into wet powder water and carry out thickening. After thickening, the grass in the pot is still sparsely watery, but you can't touch it, pour it into the pottery, and it will naturally condense when the temperature is about 70 °C.

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