Recipe: Tianma Lily Pork Rib Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Tianma Lily Pork Rib Soup


Lily has the effect of clearing fire, moistening the lungs, and calming the nerves. Gastrodia is used to treat headache, dizziness, limb numbness, convulsions in children, seizures, tetanus and other diseases. The ribs can also be supplemented with calcium, and the soup is very fragrant.



  1. Tianma soak

  2. Wash the ribs and put them in a casserole. Add the cold water to boil. Be sure to clean the oil on the top. You can also pour off the water and put in the cold water (because some of the ribs are too dirty)

  3. Then put a few drops of vinegar (this will help the calcium in the bones to come out) and put a few slices of ginger (go to 腥)

  4. At the same time put in Tianma and stew together

  5. After the water is turned on, change the small fire and slowly simmer for half an hour. You can use the chopsticks to insert it. It is easy to insert it and put the lily into it.

  6. Then put the salt in the pot and put the chicken essence on it.

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