Recipe: Tianjin fishing (láo) face

Home Cooking Recipe: Tianjin fishing (láo) face


Tianjin Noodle is one of the favorite pastas of Tianjin people. Every time a happy event, the day before the daughter is married, the first meal to go home, the whole family gathering, but all the happy things, the singer eats noodles. I am no exception. I like to eat noodles, especially in summer. The noodles that have passed the water are mixed with all kinds of dishes that I like to eat. It is cool and quick to eat a big bowl. The noodle is one of the most arbitrarily and casual ways I can eat, because you can mix it with your favorite dish and marinade. I like to eat meat and make leeks. I don’t like meat. I want to make a cucumber radish and make a sauce. I want a high-spirited captain and come to a seafood dish. In the last 10 dishes. code. (The emperor is just like this.) It’s all about you, how to eat if you want to eat. Then let me talk about the steamed noodles and sauce of Tianjin. The halogen is divided into halogen (egg halogen), pork flakes, prawns and shrimps, hazelnuts, shrimps and shrimps. If you want to put them in, you are free. You can also get a pickled fish and so on, as long as you love to eat, you are free. Halogen, I generally love to eat vegetarian, tomatoes, fungus, mushrooms, day lily, white fungus, eggs. (I feel especially like the tofu of the tofu brain) Haha......... In fact, add a few spices that is the halogen of the tofu brain. Let's talk about sauce, sauce, Tianjin sweet noodle sauce, minced meat sauce, diced sauce, spicy diced sauce. Put more salt, can't eat, put a vegetable or scallion in the refrigerator. I usually eat noodles with a minced meat sauce and vegetarian sauce. Delicious, you can try .... Then talk about the dishes, drowning dishes, fried dishes, raw dishes, as long as you love the dishes, how to be willful. Don't control yourself... Open up and eat... Finally, there must be garlic. As the saying goes, eating noodles without eating garlic is like eating rice. But if you want to go out, don't eat it. If you don't go out, you don't want to eat at home. Don't eat your husband's best, unless you let them eat with you, haha, it's a bit of garlic. Who is it? I still have a small hobby to eat noodles, oh... drink vinegar......wonderful? I love drinking vinegar... I can’t control it... I feel that eating noodles doesn’t drink vinegar. I think this is not fragrant. May I be a Shanxiese? Is it a biological one? I have been skeptical......... It’s not easy to eat enough to endure so much sleepiness. Now, as a cook, not only will I have to cook, but also set the scene, I will take pictures, and I will write... ...... I don’t know how to feel awkward... I haven’t slept well last night, now I’m going to go to sleep...



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    I have written a lot of hot things above.

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