Recipe: Tianji fresh 鱿 white shell casserole porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Tianji fresh 鱿 white shell casserole porridge



  1. Rice bubble for one to two hours

  2. Cook over high heat until rice blooms

  3. Winter vegetables and shiitake mushroom dried boiled five-pointer

  4. Boiled chicken and shellfish for three minutes

  5. Under the bean sauce, adjust to your own taste

  6. Under the squid, add some sesame oil and turn off the fire.


1- The squid has to turn off the fire, and the temperature of the porridge is high. When the parsley is eaten, it will be yellow 2 - coriander, bean paste, winter vegetables, these three are the soul, can not be less than 3-荤 can be free, the best seafood

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