Recipe: Three yellow chicken + duck hanging soup [to boss]

Home Cooking Recipe: Three yellow chicken + duck hanging soup [to boss]



  1. The real secret of hanging soup is “separate hanging”, that is, the old hen (three yellow chickens) and ducks with water for more than 3 years are first simmered into thick soup, and the scallops and ham are separately added with water and steamed to make juice. Hanging soup detailed process

  2. Thick soup (head soup): 1, 10 hens (three years old three yellow chicken), 3 ducks (more than two years) slaughtered the internal organs, after the net, remove the neck, claws, take the chicken oil and leave half The chicken oil is used while the other half is used to hang the soup. 2, 80 kg of clear water, boil over the fire, the whole chicken, duck and half of the hen oil removed into the water, continue to boil with the fire, then dilute for 6 hours, then cook for 1 hour, soup About 40 kg left after the mash, this soup is used to make high-grade raw materials such as abalone and shark fin.

  3. Two soups: 1. Take a bucket and place the dumplings on the bucket. Pour the soup with a spoon and pour it into the dumplings until all the soup is finished.

  4. 2, the filtered slag into the pot, add water 80 kg of fire to boil, turn to medium heat for 20 minutes, then change the fire for 30 minutes Serve.

  5. 3, the second soup can finally produce 40 pounds, the color is better than the head soup white, but the flavor and concentration are not as good as the head soup, suitable for the middle-grade raw materials such as Liaoshen and Bullwhip.

  6. Mao Tang: 1. After the two soups are finished, the nutrients of chicken and duck have been basically exhausted. The second soup is taken according to the method of taking the soup. The slag is filtered out and put into the pot, and 40 kg of water is added. The small fire is served in 40 minutes.

  7. 2, the bred Maotang soup color is milky white, the fragrance and concentration are the lightest, suitable for making low home-made raw materials.

  8. Clear soup: Take 10 pounds of thick soup and boil, simmer with a wooden stick to make the soup spin, 500 grams of chicken broth mixed with 2000 grams of water to stir, put into the thick soup, boil the fire, then change the small fire for 1 hour, first Use a spoon to clean the upper layer of oil, then use the above method to take the soup, which is a brown soup.

  9. The following points should be noted when lifting the soup:

  10. 1. The old hens should be selected for more than three years. The chickens are three yellow chickens. The raw materials are resistant to cooking and oil. The scent of the soup and the concentration of the soup are sufficient. The chickens with insufficient years cannot achieve this effect.

  11. The price of the three yellow chicken market is about 17 yuan / kg. Considering the cost and local consumption capacity, I will combine the three yellow chickens with the local hens (7 yuan / kg) who have been raised for more than three years in the local 1:1 combination to simmer the soup. Among the hens, there are 5 yellow chickens and 5 local hens. A bucket of soup can save 50 yuan. The scent and concentration of the broth is slightly reduced, but it has little effect on the final cooking effect. Instead, it is modern. The pursuit of light, low oil trend is consistent.

  12. 2, chicken, duck used to hang soup when to remove the claws because the claws are more gelatinous, viscosity, easy to lead to excessive viscous soup, sticky mouth, not smooth, can be used for yak tendons and other raw materials, Increase viscosity and elasticity; the neck area is more bloody, and the soup will cause the soup color to be impure. It can be used for hanging soup and making home-made raw materials.

  13. 3, the last step of the hanging soup in the process of cooking, every 10 minutes need to insert the wooden stick into the bottom of the barrel, stir in one direction, so that the soup, chicken oil, protein and other complete fusion, to achieve the effect of water and milk blending. 4, take the soup before taking the clear soup, you must destroy the above oil, this oil is not fragrant, but the paste, greasy, affecting the soup and taste of the soup, so you need to go.

  14. Two seasoning core secrets: Tanjia Cai's soup is to be flavored, and the two juices used for flavoring are introduced to everyone: scallop juice: 500 grams of scallops washed, soaked in water for 10 hours to soften, Remove and put 1000g of pure water into the tray, cover the plastic wrap and steam in the steamer for 3 hours. After cooling, the scallops will have about 750 grams. Pour into the vial and put it in the refrigerator for one month. Ham juice: 500 grams of ham brush, peeled, oiled, smashed into large pieces, add 500 grams of pure water, the right amount of cooking wine, do not need to cover the fresh film into the steamer steaming (the longer the steaming time, the more juice, at least need Steam for 6 hours), take it out and wait for it to cool down, remove the upper layer of ham oil (with astringency), remove the ham for other dishes, and the steamed ham should be just raw, about 500 grams, the same method of preservation. Dried scallops.

  15. When the master dials the traditional way to steam the ham, it is necessary to add onions, ginger and other spices to simmer. Practice has proved that such onion and ginger taste will cover the scent of ham, so I only add a small amount of cooking wine when steaming ham. Because the ham is steamed and cool, there will be a natural stratification of ham oil and ham juice, and the oil floats on the juice. The ham sauce has no astringency, and the ham oil has a great smell. The oil is removed by hand, and the smell is naturally removed.

  16. Before the old chicken hangs the soup, the chicken oil needs to be taken out first. A hen weighing 5 kg can take out 100 grams of chicken oil. We usually 'hang half of the chicken oil, steam half', that is, half of the chicken oil is used to hang the soup to increase the aroma, and half is used for steaming and then into the dish. Under normal circumstances, the chicken oil taken out from the hen is not enough. We will mix some bulk chicken oil purchased in bulk and steam it.

  17. Steaming chicken oil: Take about 1000 grams of chicken oil from 10 hens, use about 500 grams of concentrated soup, wash the remaining chicken oil with water, and wash the whole block of chicken oil with warm water (helping the block The chicken oil is slightly melted), and then steamed in a steamer for 4 hours. After being taken out, it is cooled and placed in a refrigerator for 12 hours (can also be frozen for 2 hours). The chicken oil and water are naturally layered (about 2/3). Oil, 1/3 water, oil floating on the water), remove the chicken oil, and scrape the water layer with a knife.

  18. The traditional method of the master dials is to take only the oil on the chest of the chicken. It is considered that the oil at the chicken butt is deodorized and discarded. The treatment is to add the spice and add water to remove the smell of chicken oil. Secondly, I usually take all the chicken oil from the two places and dry it without adding any seasoning. After steaming, the water and oil are naturally layered, and then the refrigerator is refrigerated to allow the chicken oil to condense. Many experiments have proved that the chicken oil produced by this dry steaming method will condense in the lower layer of water, and the layer of water will be frozen and scraped off. This is the most effective method of removing the cockroaches. Was gone.

  19. Two rules: No matter what dishes are made, there are rules to follow. The rules of Tanjiacai are as follows: 1. When the raw materials and soups are combined with Tanjia, the high-grade raw materials are selected. Choose high-quality soup (head soup) or two soup, and according to the characteristics of raw materials, in the soup (or two soup) with different proportions of ham sauce, scallop sauce. Ask for umami ingredients and add scallops. For example, “deduction of three silks”, the raw materials for the vegetables are fish belly, good fish lips, and winter bamboo shoots. This dish mainly has a fresh taste. Therefore, when the soup is made, the amount of scallop juice added in the two soups is more than that of ham juice. The ratio of the amount is: 500 g of two soup, 15 g of scallop juice, and 5 g of ham juice. Requires a thick aroma of raw materials, plus ham sauce. For example, the dish of 'Yellowfish Shark Fin' has high requirements for rich flavor. After steaming the shark fin, it is necessary to use the soup to taste. The amount of ham juice added to the soup is more than that of the scallop sauce. : 500 grams of soup, 15 grams of ham, 5 grams of scallops. 2, the pouring juice has a ratio of dishes that need to be poured, such as 'yellow squid wings', shark fins according to the above ratio, after the taste, the juice should be poured when taking the vegetables, the proportion of this juice is relatively fixed. The ratio of bit amount: 10 grams of soup (or soup), carrot juice, carrot oil and scallop juice, 5 grams of ham sauce and 20 grams of chicken oil are mixed and boiled on shark's fin. The taste is strong and not greasy.

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