Recipe: Three-step ready-made [Plum sizzling ribs]

Home Cooking Recipe: Three-step ready-made [Plum sizzling ribs]


I like the plum flavor with meat, and it is greasy and fresh. Colleagues also like to eat.



  1. [Night marinated ribs] Wash the ribs cleanly, use kitchen paper to clean the water, add the plum sauce and soy sauce, stir evenly, place the ginger slices, and put the refrigerator in the sealed overnight.

  2. [rib drain] remove the ribs overnight, pick out the ginger, and drain the sauce on the ribs. Don't throw the sauce down and leave it to the last step.

  3. [Under the pot, stir-fry and stew] In the process of draining the sauce, the wok is hot, the ginger and garlic cloves (whole garlic), the garlic ribs are fried under the golden ribs, gently stir-fried, fried to the ribs with golden The side of the coke, then pour the sauce of the marinated ribs, heat the water without ribs, turn the water and turn it slowly


(1) The plum sauce is ready-made from the market. It is a kind of traditional Chaozhou traditional sauce. It has a lot of uses. It is very good for roasting meat and soaking water. There is nothing difference between the two, and the food is more savory. (2) Soy sauce and plum sauce itself have a salty taste, so you can not add salt, everyone did not say anything, if the mouth weight can add some salt. (3) You can add some plum sauce when you receive the juice. The color is brighter and it doesn't matter.

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