Recipe: Three-step marinated oily salted duck egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Three-step marinated oily salted duck egg


When I first started pickling salted duck eggs, I found a bunch of squares on the Internet. I have tried all the spice and spicy, but sometimes it is successful, sometimes it is not good, but I am not tired. One day I was seen by my father, and I was amazed at how salted duck eggs I had, what, what, complex, and miscellaneous! (◎ _ ◎;) Not necessarily delicious (emphasis!) (ー ー;) So in order to save my craft, the father of the adult to the grandfather salted salted duck eggs in the same year, gave, I,! (Touching ing~)☆*:.....o(≧▽≦)o ..:*☆ Just three steps! Guaranteed oil! The egg tartar is super, good, and eaten (≧∇≦). Sure enough, the family has an old one, such as a treasure 吖o(^_^)o



  1. Duck eggs are washed and dried, placed in a container

  2. Regulate the salt water, as long as the duck egg can float in the salt water.

  3. Pour the salt water into the container, make sure that the duck eggs are all under the water, drop a few drops of high-alcohol, cover the lid, and eat it after 45 to 60 days (*^o^*) Is it super simple (^_−)−☆


Tips for not having trouble watching ( ́ ▽ ` ) 1, about salt water concentration In order to write recipes, I specifically called this time, 21 duck eggs, using about 270 grams of salt, about 1500 grams of water, Mainly because the bottle is slightly larger (^_^)a but the two commonly used ones are still marinated (^ω^). Again, as long as you put the duck eggs gently into the water, it floats up. Ok, then it’s OK! If you are anxious to eat earlier, you can add a little more salt, but the egg yolk that comes out like this may not be as oily or powdery as I am on the picture, but it is not salty. If you find that the added salt is no longer dissolved, congratulations, you call out saturated brine. Saturated salt water is easy to pickle. It is recommended to take a look out for 30 days in the summer and 45 days in the winter. If you find that the egg yolk is too salty but has not been marinated, you can take it out and pack it in a plastic bag for 10 days. Half a month, the salt in the protein will slowly infiltrate into the egg yolk, and it will be delicious at that time (*^_^*) 2. About the high-alcohol liquor This is the key to promote the oil of the egg yolk, but too much will destroy The quality of salted eggs. I usually rub each duck egg with wine, and then drop a 8, 9, 10 drops before the lid is covered. The height means more than 50 degrees. 3, on the spiced salted duck eggs, spicy salted duck eggs I actually feel that the spice is okay, but the father does not like, and it is indeed a little trouble, so rarely marinated. The other steps are the same, that is, in the step of adjusting the salt water, it is not the cool white, but the five perfumes that have been cooked. As for how to cook five perfumes, it is enough to cook meat at home. You can also buy the material package of the supermarket directly. I like the octagonal, so I will put a little more, usually two or three octagonal, one or two cinnamon, a few Fragrant leaves, peppers, cloves, pour a spoonful of tea, and the aroma comes out in half an hour or so and then cook for a while. The spicy taste is to boil the chili water, put a little chili pepper and boil it and cook it.

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