Recipe: Three red soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Three red soup



  1. I probably started to look at the health care occasions from the time I was born. At that time, the recipes for the month were written by myself. When I was a third child, I lived in the center of the month. I didn’t think that the month of the meal would be good. Now that I am getting older, I like more and more natural and natural things. The desire for commercial products is getting smaller and smaller. Three children, each child who went to eat for a month before I was born, I have been drinking Yanggan soup, only using red dates, no added anything, because sweet is so delicious. The three red soups are similar, but there are two more medicinal herbs. The ones are the hawthorns, and the red dates are exactly three reds, so they are called three red soups. When you are fine, cook a pot and cook a pot of steamed food. The sweetness of jujube and the sour taste of hawthorn are more appetizing. It is suitable for people with physical weakness. Of course, there are a lot of recipes for the three red soups on the Internet, such as red beans and peanuts, which must be red. Probably because the color is red, it can make up the blood.

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