Recipe: Three minutes to get the microwave oven steamed egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Three minutes to get the microwave oven steamed egg


After many trials, the steamed egg made by the microwave oven is finally not a horse honeycomb! Finally, the surface is not undulating like a pox! Moreover, with this time, the eggs will not explode ~~~~ Breakfast steamed eggs can not be troublesome! Haha (hey, are you Virgo? When! Of course! No! Yes!) Keywords: rotation in one direction



  1. Eggs are scattered in a bowl, whipped in one direction, then add pepper and lard, then mix well

  2. Add hot water (my method is: the half of the cold water in the water dispenser, and then add the boiling water in the water dispenser, at this time the egg is egg-shaped) [key]

  3. Stir in one direction and place in the microwave. High fire for 1 minute, then low fire for 1 minute. (The firepower of a high fire is 100, and the firepower of a low fire is 40)

  4. Take out and pour a few drops of soy sauce. If the reserves are abundant, you can add onions or fluff. It's even more delicious! Let's move!


1. Because it uses hot water, it takes a short time to enter the microwave oven. If you try it for the first time, please don't lengthen it yourself. Maybe the egg will burst out~

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