Recipe: Three minutes lazy tomato egg noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Three minutes lazy tomato egg noodles


I am really lazy to be saved. I don't want to wash a bowl more. (╯_╰)╭ As long as there is a tomato and an egg in the refrigerator, I can live! ! ! The most important thing about this little step is that the tomato must be juicy! Because we do not boil the noodles with water, but use tomato juice to cook ~ the face is not only convenient and fast, each face is full of tomato flavor! ! ! So thick (>_<)



  1. Beat two eggs, add some salt and stir. At the same time, pour a little more hot pot, and wait for the pot to heat up and pour the eggs into it.

  2. When more than half of the eggs are solidified, stir fry and pour out.

  3. Cut the tomato (must be juicy), I am too lazy to cut directly in the bowl. . . Put it in the pan and fry it.

  4. Wait for the tomato to juice, pour the soy sauce, and pour the egg noodles into it! That's right! ! It’s lazy to not want to cook another!

  5. If the water from the tomato is not enough to cook the noodles, add a little water to the surface and cook the juice. Finally, put the eggs in, mix well!


Why choose egg noodles? Of course it is because of tolerance! easy! Cooked!

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