Recipe: Three meals

Home Cooking Recipe: Three meals


I have been controlling my weight for many years. I have finally achieved a little success in the last month. I will summarize the recent diet control and give myself a card.



  1. Miscellaneous grains: brown rice, black rice, pearl barley

  2. Fish and shrimp: Tuna is the mainstay, because other fish are limited in number (salmon and silver carp are limited twice a week) and also peeled (all other fish, yellow croaker)

  3. Salad dish: lettuce, baby spinach with [vinamic juice]

  4. Zucchini and Cucumber: Eat for breakfast, if you put a lot of lunch at lunch, it is very easy to be hungry

  5. Bell pepper & broccoli: high-carbon water vegetables, usually placed for breakfast and lunch


[Oil vinegar juice], there are a lot of vinaigrette on the kitchen. I also watched Jamie Oliver's principles for superb salads on YouTube. His formula is vinegar 3:1. Many people say that this formula is a bit Oil, I use 1:1, I think this ratio is quite good, Jamie Oliver's suggestion is that the vinegar is poured into a sealed can, add salt and black pepper, cover it and shake it evenly, you can use it several times, you can also As the base of the salad sauce, if you want French style, add Dijon mustard (this Dijion bread is a great sandwich!), but anyway, the vinegar juice can be done [slightly salty acid] because vegetables The water inside will neutralize this acidity and saltiness. [Water Egg], Jamie Oliver has a Perfect Poached Eggs - 3 Ways on YouTube. Summarize two methods, 1) [fresh eggs] fresh eggs, the perfect water wave egg will be successful for more than half, then turn to a small fire after the water is opened, wait until there is no air bubbles in the pot, then hit the eggs, if the eggs are fresh If you just hit it, I will play it directly, because I am too lazy to brush the bowl, but if I put the egg in the bowl first and then slide it into the pot, it will be easier to succeed; 2) The egg will always be fresh, what should I do? ? Use chopsticks and the like to circle the pot along the wall of the pot, then set the vortex and pour the eggs in the center of the vortex. The key is a small fire, a small fire, the fire is Boil is not a poach, three minutes is basically a heart. [Pencil], Jamie Oliver has a How to Make a Folded Omelette on YouTube, but I think the omelette is a basic skill. The mushroom quiche is really delicious, but Jamie Oliver uses yellow fried mushrooms. I didn't dare to use it. I used olive oil. I believe that as a representative of high calories, the yellow fried mushrooms should be quite delicious. . [Longli fish] and [Basha fish] I have been confused about these two kinds of fish. Some people say that they are the same, but I feel that it should not be. Look at the introduction of Longli fish. It should be a deep sea fish. It looks a bit like a flounder. Some people say that English is Flounder. I have never seen it in the supermarket. Some people say that it is to use the Basha fish and fish to replace the Longli fish. However, I am more certain that [Basha fish] is a squid, and I have always been "prejudiced" to squid. Before, a friend told me that Basha fish is rubbish. People who know about carp should understand this. Meaning it. In the supermarket, the Basha fish is cheaper than the white one. After all, it is worth the money. I have never eaten this kind of fish. Many fat-reduced menus, including the kitchen recipes, do a lot of these two kinds of fish, given I can't tell them myself, I definitely don't want to eat balsa fish, so I have never done it. [Fabulous practice] 1) Add water and salt in the cauldron, boil; 2) Add pasta; stir it up to avoid pasta sticking together; 3) How long does it take to cook? The instructions on the pasta package are generally about 8-12 minutes; 4) Two minutes before the expected time to cook (Biru is going to cook for 10 minutes, 8 minutes), take a pasta and taste the taste. . Everyone has different needs for pasta, but usually the mouthfeel of the pasta should not be too soft, and it should be kept a bit chewy. [Don't cook it]. 5) [The most critical step] If you plan to dump the water from the pasta, then leave a small cup, then add the water to the pasta and various ingredients. A finishing touch. ** Do not add oil to the pasta water, or rinse with cold water after cooking the pasta (the rinsed spaghetti will be difficult to mix with the sauce later) [fried patties] 1) turkey糜 (I am too lazy to buy meat, buy meat directly; here is all the meat, my first turkey, the second beef) + parsley + black pepper and white pepper salt + Sriracha sauce + salt + olive oil, stir well, then marinate for a few hours; 2) heat the pan, brush a little olive oil, then grab a piece of meat, put it in a pan, use a spatula to make a cake, feel basically shaped Now, I can turn over; 3) Because I am frying a bunch and then freezing, I am not too worried about the cooked inside. Anyway, after thawing, I need to heat it in a microwave oven.

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