Recipe: Three fresh stuffing

Home Cooking Recipe: Three fresh stuffing


Three fresh dumplings, dumplings are hard and smooth, the meat is tender, the vegetables are delicious, and there is no taste. Simple to make, just flour, sizing shrimp, sizing chicken, shrimp, leeks, salt, Shao wine, pepper, sesame oil, cooked oil, and other ingredients, a little processing, you can make a delicious meal.



  1. Pure three fresh sea shell, sea cucumber, shrimp meat three fresh pork, sea cucumber, shrimp, half fresh three pork, leeks, eggs, sea rice (shrimp) below is a semi-three fresh filling processing method

  2. Processing pork and pork into simmer, add diced green onion, ginger, salt, sugar, chicken, MSG, cooking wine, soy sauce, pepper, water, 13 fragrant in one direction

  3. Ingredients for processing eggs, chopped chives, and chopped shrimps

  4. Add the ingredients to the meat, add the oil, sesame oil, and mix in one direction.


In the long process of development, dumplings have a wide variety of names. In ancient times, there were names such as "pill pills", "flat food", "dumping baits" and "powder corners". During the Three Kingdoms period, it was called "Crescent Moon". In the Southern and Northern Dynasties, it was called "馄饨". In the Tang Dynasty, dumplings were called "偃月形馄饨", Song Dynasty was called "角角", the Yuan Dynasty was called "flat food", and the Qing Dynasty was called "water dumplings". The dumplings originated in the Eastern Han Dynasty and were the first of its kind. At that time, the dumplings were medicinal, and Zhang Zhongjing used some chilled herbs on the dough to treat the disease (mutton, pepper, etc.) to avoid frostbite on the patient's ear.

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