Recipe: Three fresh soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Three fresh soup


Three fresh soup materials: half a catty of fresh shrimp, two pieces of tofu, a small piece of winter melon, one egg, some onion ginger, a teaspoon of starch, oil, salt. Practice: 1. The first is to cut the shrimp into diced, the tofu sprinkle with salt, the melon cut into small Ding, and break up an egg for use. 2. According to the number of people eaten, put a proper amount of water in the soup pot, add a piece of ginger, roll the melon, and cook until soft. 3. The stove is set to medium heat, and the tofu is cut into cubes and boiled. 4. Add the shrimp, add the egg when it is discolored, and stir it a little. 5. Spoon a spoonful of starch and mix thoroughly with water. Finally, pour it into the soup, roll it with oil, salt and chopped green onion. The three fresh soup is finished.



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