Recipe: Three fresh pheasant

Home Cooking Recipe: Three fresh pheasant



  1. Yam washed and peeled into steamer and steamed into mud

  2. Chinese cabbage washed with boiling water and soft

  3. Eggs are separated from the protein and placed in a bowl.

  4. Shrimp

  5. Scallions {take scallion}, ginger squeezed juice

  6. Starch plus water conditioning

  7. Put the meat chop (returned to the chicken) in a bowl

  8. Add two egg yolks, crab meat, yellow wine, soy sauce, onion ginger, a little salt and water starch 50g

  9. You can mix the amount of dandruff (use it for me)

  10. Yam mud into another bowl

  11. Add a little yellow wine, shrimp paste, two egg whites, onion ginger juice 50g, white pepper, salt and water starch to beat the strong to maintain pure white is better

  12. Take a small steamer and spread the leaves of Chinese cabbage as a bottoming. Place the red meat paste and spread it to a thickness of about 1cm.

  13. Put the white yam paste on the red meat paste and still spread it evenly.

  14. Place the cage on the boiling water pot and steam for about 25 minutes. When you press it with your hand, take it out and let it cool. Remove the cabbage leaves from the bottom layer and discard.

  15. A total of one big one, two small ones can be eaten in one freezer.

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  17. Winter bamboo shoots, black fungus, washed in advance

  18. Small pot into chicken soup, black fungus, winter bamboo shoots and green onion

  19. In the soup, add small spinach and season with salt. You can also put a little sesame oil and Sichuan pepper powder.

  20. Pour the soup and vegetables onto the pheasant


Yam must choose the kind of hairy yam that is the kind of powder that has been cooked.

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