Recipe: Three fresh noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Three fresh noodles


Still the taste of hometown, Sanxian hit the noodles. When he first gave it to Chenfu, he was shocked and screamed and ate two bowls. Let me be very proud~ Every time I go home, I have to go to the dumplings to get off the car noodles~ Then I will match the sweet and sour gluten and stir-fried sautéed with scallions, sprinkle with the vegetables and mix well, occasionally come back to the garlic, I Go~ Don't want to say more~ Too hungry~~



  1. Mushrooms, fungus, yellow cauliflower, yuba, soaked in the first, clean the sand

  2. Pork belly cut into thin slices, shrimp peeled to black line cut into small Ding, the remaining shrimp skin shrimp head do not throw, boil water for a while to do halogens

  3. Mushroom diced, tortoise torn into small pieces, yuba diced, day lily cut into small pieces

  4. Put the oil in the hot pot, first use the small fire to smash the big ingredients, well, it is the star anise. After the scent is extracted, add the onion ginger, and then scent, pour the pork belly, stir fry until slightly yellowed, add the shrimp, and cook the cooking wine. Cover lid

  5. After 20 seconds, pour in other mushroom fungus cauliflower yuba, stir fry a few times, add soy sauce, salt sugar to taste, feel OK after adding hot water, boiled shrimp water and shampoo water

  6. After boiling, turn into a small fire, wait another 15 minutes, adjust the water starch during the period, a lot, make a good egg, ready to

  7. Open a large fire, pour the starch into the water, stir while stirring, until the consistency is satisfactory, then evenly drench the egg liquid.

  8. Three fresh brines are done, hurry to cook the noodles, start it~~


1. Three fresh halogened pork belly, shrimp, mushrooms, fungus, eggs and daylily are must be placed. 2. More starch, thicker, because noodles will bring some water. 3. First drenched into water starch, in the shower Into the egg, it will make the egg look extra, haha

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