Recipe: Three fresh casserole rice noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Three fresh casserole rice noodles


Prepare a small casserole at home, sometimes you can make your own casserole rice noodles, not like the outside taste, you can also match your favorite materials. Hot, warm in the winter, full stomach, eat rice noodles and delicious soup, super satisfied, one afternoon has a strong. Easy to implement, low cost, comprehensive nutrition, practical, great.



  1. The dried fungus is washed before the hair is sprayed; the tomato is sliced; the pork is sliced ​​and sliced ​​with water and salt; the bean sprouts and the pea tip are washed; the ham is sliced; the onion is chopped with green onion.

  2. Heat a little oil in the casserole, sauté the ginger slices, then lower the fungus, tomato slices, stir fry with chopsticks.

  3. Add water, salt, (white pepper) and boil until the water is boiled. Boil the bean sprouts and ham for a while.

  4. Then cook the pork slices for a while.

  5. After the rice noodles are cooked, the peas are cooked at the tip of the peas, and the MSG is added. After the green onion is sprinkled, the fire can be turned off.


White pepper can be fresh.

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